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An innovative treatment for fine and thinning hair.

Scalp Rescue is an innovative treatment for fine and thinning hair that helps keep the hair he's famous for. Scalp Rescue delivers a maximum dose of Eufora's ProAmino Peptide Complex. This proprietary technology works above and below the scalpto revitalize, balance and protect, creating an optimum scalp environment for healthy hair to grow and develop.

A unique blend at scalp health ingredients protect and repair the hair follicle to help fight aging and slow hair loss
Butyl Avocadate regulates 5-Alpha Reductase and sebum production
Neem Seed Oil provides antiseptic and antibacterial benefits which helps reduce scalp irritation and dryness
Coenzyme Q10 & Vitamin E are powerful antioxidants that prevent environmental and tree radical damage to the follicle and scalp
Licorice Extract provides anti-inflammatory benefits to help reduce scalp itching and flaking
Vitamins B3, BS. B6 and B7 essential for healthy scalp and hair growth
No artificial fragrance or colorants
Spray treatment directly to the scalp areas where thinning exists. Massage into scalp. Use morning and evening on dry or damp hair. Do not rinse out. Ensure maximum results by using HERO Complete Shampoo, Revitahzing Treatment and Thickening Elixir.

For best results, use Eufora HERO for Men™ styling products which contain the ProAmino Peptide Complex™. Avoid products with Petrolatum and Mineral Oil which can clog the follicle and results in premature hair loss.

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